On February 10th and 11th I had a two-day workshop in London and wanted to use both evening to do some shooting in London. 

On Sunday night I went to Millenium Bridge as my previous pictures had been taken in the middle of the night with a dark sky and I intended to be there during twilight time taking advantage of the blue hour. 

The first one I took was of Southwark Bridge taken from Bankside Pier on the southern edge of the Thames. 

This photo required an interesting compromise between exposing longer to smooth the water on the one hand and having a crisp color of the bridge on the other. The illumination of the bridge is changing every 5 seconds or so, so exposing for 30 seconds will result in a mix of different colors, which is what I went for. 

Next I turned around towards Millenium Bridge:

The first one with the airliner's exhaust path around St. Pauls I think looks interesting I think, I guess this is my favorite one. Millenium Bridge offers this nice contrast between the bridge's blue illumination and the yellow of the buildings in the background. 

Here is a picture I took at an earlier occasion:

On the second evening I was only able to squeeze in a shorter session, but I went and took some images around Victoria station and Buckingham Palace:

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