As the photographic locations for the evenings had already been set to MediaCityUK (see this blog post), we explored Manchester by foot during daytime.

Manchster offers a very interesting mix of modern architecture, nice and clean areas, but also run-down segments with let's call them classic houses. Taking a walk from the hotel, the first street we got to brought this gym, not so sure whether I would join...

We continued on and in a small shopping mall we stumbled upon a gentlemen's barber shop, called Barber Barber. This was really a fantastic place, I first noticed the very distinct looking barbers with their tatoos and the style in which they went about doing their jobs. The place was packed and it seemed that everbody was having a party rather than waiting for a haircut.

We continued on to the Manchester Cathedral and stopped at Shambles Square with a view across to the Arndale Market Centre. On weekends (and I guess weekdays, too) this square is pretty crowded and holds a number of art-installations. 

The Cathedral Gardens are located a little further north and are home of the football museum and the meeting point for a number of punks. It seemed to me they weren't interested to much in being photographed and I wanted to avoid any confrontation, so I let go after two images. (In the first image look at the guy pointing a finger at me...)

Finally we got to Market Street and met the Windswept Man (Facebook link). This guy is fabulous! He is absolutely standing still with no movement at all. When I gave him some change after I took a photograph he let go of his briefcase and quickly changed positions. Very impressive I have to say. 

Hope, you liked it. Here is a link to the entire Manchester Gallery. 

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