My March photography has been dominated by places starting with an M, like Monschau, Munich Airport and Manchester, let's see whether I will do the same in April...

At the beginning of March I attended a Media Conference in Manchester and after doing some research decided to focus on MediaCityUK for night and long exposure photography. MediaCityUK, which describes itself 'as a new waterfront destination for Manchester, with digital creativity, learning and leisure at its heart', is now home to a number of national media organisations, including the BBC and ITV as well as the University of Salford. It is located on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in a nice setting with modern architecture, including a number of nice bridges  and waterways. Here is a first image right before sunset: 

The photo shows the Millenium Bridge on the right and Lowry Theatre in the middle, it is taken from a the beginning of a footbridge that connects the Imperial War Museum (IWM) to the main site of the BBC.  

The next photo shows the Imperial War Museum - obviously taken from the opposite side, The IWM is one of the photographic icons of MediaCityUK, perhaps with the Millenium Bridge. 

After a short wait, the whole area demonstrated why it's a night photographer's paradise: Millennium Bridge is illuminated in a different colour every 5 seconds and the lighting of in general does not spare colours:

On the next evening I went to the other side to Salford Quays to get a bit of a different perspective. Before the trip I was told that the weather would not always be nice  and that I should expect some rain, and surely this was what happened, but for photography rain is not always a bad thing. Here is what I was able to produce (look at the underside of the chains , can you see the rain drops falling off of these chains?) 

For anybody being interested in night photography and looking for reflections and some colourful light I can highly recommend this place. 

I also did some street and travel photography in Manchester downtown, which I will cover in a separate blog post. 

Hope, you like it

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