After a couple of busy weekends, there was nothing scheduled to do on today's Saturday, so what better could you do than to get up at 5 AM to catch some sunrise light?

The weather, though did not really play along. The last couple of days had been really nice, but over the night a thick cloud cover had arrived, so the sun had to fight her way through the fog. I went to Landshut on the northern side of the Isar river facing south-east towards the Trausnitz Castle. This was my first image:

This was still about 20 minutes prior to sunrise, the clouds are nicely lit from the sun behind the horizon. Then the light started to move quite fast towards the right (south) and three minutes later the light looked like this: 

What I really like about this is the kind of light area directly above Trausnitz Castle as if the Gods wanted to illuminate the castle. 

Only eight minutes later the scene looked like this (it's always amazing how short the beautiful light period can be): 

Untitled photo

After all good light was gone I went up to Trausnitz Castle and shot a couple of panos, not the greatest shots given the light...

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